Billy Reynolds - Chattanooga, TN
Sling N Bait SUV & boat wrap
WinterHaven Police Dept van
SWS van wrap
Falcom Brothers van wrap
Fun Bike Center truck wrap
Florida Refuse van wrap
NVD Web truck
Larry's Wrecker Service wrecker
Larry's Wrecker Service rollback
Smithwell Landscaping flatbed truck
Smithwell Landscaping truck
Scrappy Thomas truck
Galway Masonry truck
Electronics van
Dominos trailer
Family Safety House
jet Ski wrap
motorcycle graphics
My Contribution: I was the project manager for all of the vehicle graphics above when I worked at Digitech Graphics Group. As project manager, I was responsible for the overall design of the vehicles and created most (or all) of the graphics for each vehicle. I was responsible for the branding style, layout, and image choices for all of these vehicles and I also created the logos on several of them.